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'The Irish guitarist Catherine Thom has a captivating platform personality, which is entirely complementary to her refined musicality.'

- The Times

'The guitar…is a "fretted instrument", a phrase totally inadequate to describe what it becomes in the hands of someone like Catherine Thom…the poise and confidence of the true professional.'

- Radio Times


Catherine Thom is Ireland's foremost classical guitarist. She has performed nationally and internationally, including twice at London's Wigmore Hall, and has given over fifty television and radio broadcasts.

Catherine has performed as a soloist with many orchestras, and five composers, including Reginald Smith Brindle, have dedicated works to her.

In addition to the traditional concert format, Catherine has enjoyed giving numerous masterclasses, workshops and guitar courses, and hundreds of recitals purely for children, the homeless, handicapped, and terminally ill, some under the auspices of Yehudi Menhuin's 'Live Music Now'.

Catherine's extensive concert career has brought many memorable moments, such as being transported to concert by tractor on the island of Sark (where there are no cars), explaining the Quantum Theory in words and music with a renowned physicist, and being given afternoon tea by murderers and drug dealers before a concert in Maidstone Prison.

Catherine's Irish blend of humour and dignity has warmed many audiences.

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